Lava Custom Designed Abutments

New advancements in digital technologies allow CDT to offer your patients custom-designed implant abutments with shaded Lava™ Zirconia. The natural beauty and unmatched esthetics of Lava Zirconia provide precise restorations with excellent marginal fit. The Lava zirconia is cemented to a prefabricated titanium abutment interface. The abutment head is bonded to the interface without creating torque pressure to the zirconia. This method provides compatibility with a wide variety of implant systems.

Custom Anatomical Gingival Formers

Anatomical Gingival Formers create an improved emergence profile for single-tooth, implant-supported restorations. Gingival formers, or provisional restoration abutments, shaped to fit within the cavity of gingival tissue formed by extraction of the tooth and installation of a dental implant, support healing and prevent collapse or shrinkage of gingival tissue surrounding the cavity. Gingival trauma is minimized and a predictable naturally esthetic restorative outcome is achieved


Sterilization of Your Lava Custom Abutment

The dental office is responsible for the sterility of the abutment made from Lava zirconia cemented to the titanium interface. Therefore, ensure that only appropriate equipment, materials and product specific validated procedures will be used for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. It is the responsibility of the dentist to ensure procedures are validated and that the equipment and devices (disinfector, sterilizer) will be maintained and routinely checked.