Treatment Planning

Collaboration between the doctor’s office and dental lab is key to successful treatment planning. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the choice of materials, case design, and functional diagnostic wax-ups that are vital to achieving both proper function and esthetic results.

The Diagnostic Wax-up

Restorative treatment is much more predictable when the outcome can be envisioned. It also gives the patient an idea of the final result and encourages realistic expectations. Treatment plan wax-ups wil achieve the following:.

  • Indicate sufficient crown height
  • Establish occlusal scheme
  • Show and correct occlusal plane discrepancies
  • Facilitate the discussion of options, possible outcomes and limitations with the patient
  • Aid in prepping teeth
  • Provide a guide for implant placement and fabrication of implant stent
  • Duplicate with matrix for construction of temporary crowns
  • Use as guide to produce an accurate framework

    Study models provide crucial information regarding the individual esthetics and function necessary for a successful case.

    The technicians at the Ceramic Design Technologies are available to discuss and help plan your cases with you.