Full Contour Zirconia

CDT "YZ-T" Translucent Zirconia

Fabricated full contoured, YZ-T restorations are shaded by hand to create unique internal colorization. Additional characteristics are created through staining and glazing. The excellent translucency allows light to be transmitted through the material, also drawing color from the underlying tooth structure.

  • Strength - 800 Mpa
  • Marginal Integrity – approximately 5-10 microns
  • Final Seating – Conventional cementation

    CDT YZ-T Restoration Highlights

  • Esthetic alternative to metal occlusion or full-cast posterior restorations
  • Medical grade pre-sintered yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline ceramics
  • FDA and ISO Registered
  • Occlusal reduction as little as 0.5 mm (1.0 mm is ideal)
  • CAD/CAM technology ensures precise marginal fit
  • Biocompatible
  • Kind to opposing dentition
  • Outstanding translucency

    Milled full-contour for a combination of strength and beauty, CDT YZ-T is indicated for:

  • Anterior (overlayed) and posterior single units
  • Three unit anterior (overlayed) and posterior bridges

    Note: If occlusal adjustment is necessary; the CDT YZ-T translucent zirconia restoration will need to be re-polished or glazed to a high luster to avoid abrading the antagonist. Polished zirconia is 1000 times less abrasive than standard veneer porcelain, making it kinder to the opposing dentition than ANY other restorative ceramic material,